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As mentioned in the The Maltese Falcon’s post, the role of the father figure is one that comes into play, while at the same time remains very distant in the Walt Disney Production of Bambi. In the beginning of the film, Bambi’s father is at the top of the rock peering out at the birth of his son, but it is not until there is crisis in the film that we get to have any more interaction with him. Within his short screen appearances he gives tiny commands to Bambi for his time in disaster then once again disappears. At the end of the film when Bambi’s children are born as he stands on the rock, observing the event just as his father did at his birth, his dad appears for a brief moment then again wanders off as if to leave the “head” position to his son. Although he his rarely seen, his presence is strongly felt in the growth of his son into an adult.

Similar to Bambi with the lack of an always present father figure, Thumper is a character whose growth through his fathers knowledge is noticeable even without ever once meeting him on screen. When ever he was to get in trouble he would be reprimanded not by the correction of his mother, but the simple question of “what did your father tell you”? Although both fathers are almost ultimately non-existant throughout Bambi and Thumper’s childhood, their presence is very strongly noticed. This interaction between an invisible presence and child express Disney’s feelings on the power of the father figure. Growing up with a strong father, Disney was taught to listen and obey everything that his father presented to them. Even when he was not around I’m sure he could always here the voice of his father in his head telling him what and what not to do, which is the type of relationship demonstrated all throughout the movie.


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We all knew that Hurricanes tend to cause an abundant amounts of flooding and damage to the cities they hit. But who knew that a Tropical Storm could cause so much flooding and lead to even a few deaths? Many parks and rec centers are being used as shelters for people who have been left without housing.

Shark Fin soup anyone? Famous celebrities such as Yao Ming and Jackie Chan are campaigning to stop shark finning and help save the dying species. Is the delicacy really worth the extinction of such a vital part of the worlds ecosystem?

The power of nature continues to speak to us as we are seeing the damage done from a natural gas explosion. 15 people so far have been hospitalized and tons more misplaced from their homes.

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