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Over break, I was trying to think of how nature could relate to the most relevant thing on my mind, Thanksgiving. I thought of the hundreds of thousands of turkeys, but since we use them to kill and eat, I didn’t think that worked. Then I thought how I saw more families walking than I had ever before, and fewer cars on the road. Since it is one day that families can slow down and spend time with their families, instead of hurrying in their cars, this was expected.

My most most prevalent encounter with nature though, came through my family’s annual Thanksgiving football game. Every Thanksgiving, my family travels to New Jersey to stay on my Grandma’s farm with my 20 cousins on my mom’s side and their families. One Thanksgiving day, we all wear different football jerseys and have a 30 person football game with the whole family. This year though, we had to stay home because Menlo made the semifinals in football. Therefore we tried to replicate our game with family friends at their house. Although the game didn’t have the same sense of family unity that our game has had for the last 1o years at the farm, it took the same course that it has every single year. Of course since the dads think that they are the most manly, played quarterback for both teams. The game began by them passing to all of the little kids to make sure that everyone got the ball evenly. As the game progressed though, it became more intense and there was an increasing amount of pushing and shoving. The younger kids began to get the ball less and less as the dads started to pass to score and not to make everyone feel included. I could have predicted this because when a group of guys together, there is no “friendly, casual football”. Similarly, when these annual games happen, someone is bound to get hurt. Usually it is one of the adults, who isn’t used to competing this aggressively, but pulls something trying to prove that they are superior to the other adults. This year though, it came when my brother, the most competitive person I know, dove trying to catch a pass, but landed in a rose bush.

Since I could not play with my back injury, I had to go check on the turkey mid game back at my house. While I was there, I get a text from my sister, showing her Thanksgiving compassion. “Tim just feel in a rose bush, CLASSIC LOL”. When I return to the game, I see my brother bleeding all over and am told the story by my mother and sister as they are histarically laughing. So much for everyone being nice to one another on thanksgiving. Well my brother did give me one thing on Thanksgiving though. A story to share about my family that involved nature.



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I’m a vegetarian and always have been so I’ve never gotten too excited about the whole turkey thing during the holidays. I happily stick to my tofurkey and let the carnivores in my family enjoy the bird. Although I have pet chickens and would be extremely offended by the concept of Chicken Day, Turkey Day doesn’t bother me as much. I have to wonder why.


When we matched up animals and characteristics in class we proved that a lot of people, myself included, have preconceived notions about animals. Maybe I think that turkeys are inherently stupid. I mean they aren’t exactly geniuses but not technically much smarter than my chickens (for the record I believe my chickens are exceptionally smart birds). Maybe it is because I don’t think that turkeys are very cute. The cuteness factor is a big deal. You don’t see little marshmallow turkeys or rubber bath toys shaped like turkeys. Whatever my reasons I don’t sympathize with turkeys as much as I should and it makes me feel guilty! Maybe the reason Turkeys are exploited over the holidays as they are is because they are deemed ugly and stupid. Maybe it’s because they are really delicious, I wouldn’t know.


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