My Nature (Personal)

December 20, 2010 § Leave a comment

Touching on one of my precious posts, “My Nature“, I recently had an adventure that led me to see all of the differences between true nature and the man-made world. I was traveling to Australia when I peaked out the window mid-flight to see this:

This photo captures one aspect of nature, the sun and how it influences everything. If you were to live like the caveman did, before the industrial era, or even just before the idea of massive cities existed, this would rule your life. This massive object governs the whole world. We (as man) don’t venture out at night as much as we do during the day, we don’t call people at other places at night, and we don’t even stay awake for most of the time when this thing isn’t around. Man hasn’t touched the sun, and we hardly understand it with the exception of a few theories. The sun to me is true nature. Meanwhile, this is not:

This is the view out of my 25-story hotel in the middle of Sydney. Obviously, this is one of the most industrial places in the world, and one of the least natural. The feeble attempt to make it seem a little more natural by the park in the middle of the city is hardly natural. The birds themselves don’t even search for their own nuts and food, as they just fly around looking for the closest person with a piece of bread. Clearly, this is not nature.


Holiday Au Naturel

November 28, 2010 § 3 Comments

I don’t know why, but something about the holidays makes me want to have festive plants around me.


The decorative Christmas themed fake flowers, the small baby Christmas trees, even those little green leaves with the red berries that are sort of like mistletoes but are weirdly different. They make the environment feel more natural, and somehow, that is a good feeling.


I don’t believe this applies to any other time in the year, only for the Christmas season. It’s comforting in the holidays because it creates a serene sense of fantastical scenery, something you would only see in a place with just enough magic to make it special but not too much so as too keep it realistic.


Something about nature in the holidays underlines the peaceful sensation that it inspires and helps make me all the more joyful and pleased.

It’s cute and furry, let’s touch it

November 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

You can’t exactly be an average normal person to decide that the best way of protecting one of the most dangerous animals to humans is to live with them for months and years at a time. However, this doesn’t mean it is necessarily the wrong thing to do.


To each his own.

If Timmy wanted to show his love for the animals and spread his message to the world through living with the grizzly bears, then there is nothing stopping him. There is obviously the risk of death, but he doesn’t seem to mind that, and apparently even welcomes it. The act of living with a species of wild animals isn’t actually that mad, but it does require courage and strong drive, and Timmy is simply the only one to have enough of that.

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Nature in Bambi, but not in man?

September 19, 2010 § Leave a comment

One might ask ones self, “What is the role of nature in the animal’s lives, in the Disney movie Bambi?” (Or rather only our class would be asked that). To find the answer we have to dive deep into the movie. Nature seems to provide for animals, and is always on the animals side. We see this when we look at the cave that Bambi and his mother live in, and we see sticks around the corners of the screen, providing a sort of protective circle around the two. Or when we look at the scene with the leaves, and music being made from the drops of rain on the leaves, we can see that nature creates happiness for them (in that scene in the form of music).

On the other hand we have man, standing against everything that nature is. We never actually get to see their faces, showing that they are as far from nature as possible. They represent everything that nature is not, even worse than the evil dogs, who are still able to be seen on the screen. We then see them destroy nature by causing the wildfire. That is their final act of hatred against nature, and the final light we see man cast in before the end of the movie.

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