Beanie Babies

December 20, 2010 § Leave a comment

Long ago, I was a young boy who loved his stuffed animals. I wasn’t the kind of person who brought them to school with me or anything, oh no that would be far to embarrassing for a 2nd grader. No, I slept almost every night with my stuffed animals within arms reach instead, far less embarrassing to admit as a high school senior. However, I did keep them around for company. My parents were almost always working, so I spent a lot of time with myself, or rather with my stuffed animals. They were kept around to keep me company and so that I wasn’t ever truly alone. In fact there were two real stuffed animal types that I owned. There was Skippy the bear (who got his name because he was a polar bear, initials being PB, also the same initials as Peanut Butter, and so he was named after Skippy Peanut Butter), as well as my entire collection of Beanie Babies.

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