Exploring the Frontier through Pictures

September 9, 2010 § Leave a comment

In class we have discussed heavily the idea of “the frontier.”  To offer a different examination, I have gathered some pictures that look at the concept in different ways.

This first picture is a classic Manifest Destiny picture, which exemplifies the idea of the frontier in terms of “the west” and westward expansion:

This next image is one that looks at the idea of the frontier in another way, this time at space as the “final frontier:”

Finally, this image looks at frontier in an even different way (and one that is the first image that pops up on google images, shows you where frontier stands in our society).  Behold the Nissan Frontier:

One term, three completely different ways of looking at it visually.  Whether you are expanding westward, out into space, or out in your car, the frontier is always ahead/around you.


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