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After reading Roger Cohen’s article “Change or Perish,” I was left wanting more.  The text put me in a nostalgic mood.  Although all our technological advancements, online communicative sites, and mobile devices have widened our imaginations of tomorrow, it has narrowed our perceptiveness.

As we continue to advance, the sensation Cohen oh-so-eloquently describes when he writes about the brushing of legs is effectively juxtaposed against the cold, rather materialistic society we live in today.  Our electronic interactions with each other lack the spark of intensity that exists in every interpersonal conversation.   Our ranges of communication have broadened, yet the beautiful sense of touch that was once so special is dying away.

But alas, all is not lost.  The newest generations born everyday will not, and just may never, know of the sense of touch and real life intimacy that slowly being chipped away by Facebook and Twitter.   Things in life are what you make of it.  Many teenagers today consider Facebook to be quite an important part of their lives, yet when you think about it, it is nothing more than a description of your acquired tastes in music, movies, etc, and a wall with random updates and other people writing short messages on it.  However, many kids log on with every passing day.  Despite its rather bland, simple function, adolescents of  today have assigned Facebook with a very important intrinsic value, and this is the society that children today are growing up in.  Without ever having lived in a society in which the majority of communication took place in person, they will not feel, and for that matter mourn, the loss of connectivity.

However, a question now remains unanswered: if today’s teenagers never truly experienced genuine person-to-person communication, and we only realize what we had once we lose it, has technology really even made us lose that much?


Technology and Progress

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In Roger Cohen’s beautiful piece, Change or Perish, the author eloquently discusses our addiction to technology and its role in corrupting our lives.  However he fails to recognize that technology has helped society advance and that before the internet and Avatar people still got caught up in things that the previous generation would deem insignificant.

I think that technology advances as society progresses. Before social media, when we were just social , we didn’t socialize with people of different races. When wars were cold people still died . If you think about how different is it to lock yourself in a room and pour your soul into a diary than to share these same ideas with the world in a blog?

I understand that we rely on technology more than we should, but technology has made our lives much more efficient. I understand what Cohen is saying and I agree with certain aspects of it but there has always been some version of Facebook. Before the MacBook Pro, when there were papyrus scrolls, did we really get by just the same? Moral of the story we didn’t and while technology may have negative aspects on our society in my opinion it has done more good than harm.

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