German Dogs are the Best Dogs, Because They’re German

November 28, 2010 § 1 Comment

Now both my neighbors have dogs. Big German dogs that might take a bite out of you if they had the chance. They are actually quite lovely though.

I’ve always wanted a dog or a cat. It used to be a cat, but now I think they’re rather boring. My mother however, never wanted any sort of pet like this. Sure we had goldfishes, but they’re just useless. They just swim around in their bowls and go to the bathroom and eat.

You can’t even really develop a personal attachment to them, as it’s hard to care for something that does nothing. But I’ve never been able to have a cat or dog. How can anything make you any more happy than an excited doggy? It truly is the best thing a person can have in their lives.

But would one want a dog or a cat? As I said, I used to prefer cats because they were so much better to hold and more graceful, making them a superior looking animal. But now I wonder if larger dog would really be the better companion to have.

In the end though, I wouldn’t be able to be with them for very long anyway…



True Love?

November 24, 2010 § 1 Comment

This idea that our pets just love us because we give them the things they need to survive has been bugging me ever since we discussed it in class. Personally, my cat means the world to me. I’m almost 100% sure that I’ll miss her more than I will miss my family when I go off to college so the idea of her not truly loving me back seems like such a horrible idea.

Sure, I’ll admit it does seem like she likes me more when I give her part of the chicken I’m eating for dinner or when it’s particularly cold at night and she wants to crawl under my blankets next to me at night for warmth. But are these really the only reasons she loves me? We try to compare human/human love to animal/human love but it’s not really something that is comparable because honestly, there’s not much else a cat can do besides eat and sleep. And is the fact that they might only love us because we provide things that make them happy really that different from why humans love each other? We love other people because they make us happy: they brighten our day up when we are sad, they take us out to dinner, they make us laugh, they’re simply there for us and isn’t that somewhat similar to what we do for our animals by providing food and shelter that makes them happy as well?


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