That is such a good idea!

September 9, 2010 § Leave a comment

First of all, the gall of this person to write a blog in this style on a fairly well developed and professional looking website(even though there is a thumbnail and title for an article about a new ramen store opening just under a link to a blog about burning the Koran in the “Headlines” section of the homepage).

With a grammatical error in the first paragraph, the random use of profanity that only makes it sound like they are actually putting effort into trying to find somewhere to make use of it, and a stupid effort to sound cheeky, my mind is immediately closed to any possibilities of this article being any good. Truly, why would you write a person’s name as “John” just to cross it out and write “Jon” right afterwards when this is a blog that is supposed to report factual information to the reader. It just looks like they want to sound like they don’t care or are informal, but it is simply unnecessary, distracting, embarrassing, and not clever.

Now looking at the actual topic discussed in this article, it is simply outrageous that someone actually thinks it is a good idea to replace an island in Disneyland themed after an American classic that every child and family(the key demographic of Disney) can relate to and enjoy, with….Lost. A television program that is obviously directed to an older target audience and portrays a violent and sometimes creepy environment is to replace Tom Sawyer. Brilliant idea!

These people who have created and signed a petition to bring about an attraction in Disneyland that is themed after Lost are absolutely baffling to the mind. Misspelling “television”(as “Televsion”) and “Disney”(as “Disnet”) in the title of the petition is definitely going to make people believe this is a credible and important issue to support. Continuing the petition by arguing that Disney should “Give us Die Hard LOST fans our Theme park ride!,” only emphasizes the fact that this is in no way something that is worth taking seriously. How dare they demand that an amusement park ride be created in the largest, most influential theme park in the world for a small percent of America’s population who are fans of “Die Hard” fans of a somewhat above average television show?

It’s all just like one of those lamb dishes that leaves a bad taste in your mouth.


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