January 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

My last post was on Scary Animals, and I failed to include a shark picture within the post, so I felt is was my duty to make my second to last post all great shark pictures (thanks once again to google images).  A quick note: sharks have been eternalized as a scary maneating villian and I felt it necessary to (although these pictures may will show otherwise) to once again state the claim that more people are killed by vending machines every year than sharks.

This is a great picture which shows the ferociousness of the great white shark. This shark had to come up out of the water for his prey and looks like he is on the mark.  I like how you can see its teeth and down the back of its throat.  You can really see how the seal doesn’t have much of a chance here.

I think that it is pictures like these that help to fuel the belief that sharks are just violent man-eating machines.  I mean my first reaction to looking at this picture was “wow, that shark looks mean.”  He just looks like a bully and looks ready to kill.

I like this picture because it shows just how amazing Great Whites can be.  This one leaps completely out of the water, not just a little out like in the first picture, but all the way out, and is able to catch his prey.  There is definitely a beauty involved with the sharks and I think that pictures like this one captures  some of that beauty.

Finally,  I just wanted to look at a hammerhead shark, because they might be my favorite type.  I can only imagine what it would be like to be under the water with all of these sharks, it must just be amazing.


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