Scary Animals

January 5, 2011 § 1 Comment

In a previous post, I wrote about cute animals, now (after I just had a runin with a terrifying spider)  I would like to turn my attention towards scary animals.  This is almost the complete opposite of what I wrote about in my previous post, but I think that scary animals are a part of life.  There are a number of reasons for animals to be “scary,” maybe there is a negative connotation like dangerous associated with them besides just their appearance that leads them to be considered scary, or maybe they do look scary.  But for whatever reason google images has labeled them as a scary animal.

I love this first picture for a couple reasons. First, the shot of the horse makes it indeed look a bit frightening to me.  It is shot at the right moment where the horse looks like he wants to eat the kid, but what gives the horse its scariness is not necessarily that its scary, its that the kid’s face shows just how terrifying it actually is.  He is absolutely terrified and so the viewer naturally sees the horse as terrifying.

I’m not sure if this photo is real or not, but even if it is not real, this lizard doesn’t appear all that scary to me.  Yes it look a bit weird and kind of like an alien, but to me this doesn’t really strike fear.  Now I’m sure that I would jump out of my shoes if I saw one in the wild, but this picture doesn’t seem to be all that frightening to me.

I thought this was an appropriate picture to end on after our studies of Grizzly Man.  I do think that there something a bit frightening about the bear and his jaws and teeth that would tend to scare most people away.  I think for me, it kind of puts into perspective just how firm and strong Treadwell must have been to be able to stand up to and survive with the bears.

I think that some animals look scary to frighten humans (and other animas?) away from them.  Like a baby’s adorableness draws people in, I think that the scariness drives people away.  Maybe its like certain bright colors on animals warning people that its dangerous by trying to frighten them away.



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