Cute Animals

December 14, 2010 § 2 Comments

A quick search of “cute animals” into google images yielded a variety of results, from adorable bunnies to creepy ostriches.  I picked out a few I liked and have them for the class to ponder.

This picture was interesting because although the position of the cat’s paw on the chicks head is adorable, I am a little afraid to think about whether in reality the cat was “playing” with the chick and batting him on the head with his paw.  I don’t know something to think about.

This picture struck me because to me the bunny isn’t really that cute, but the action that it is doing is.  The bunny is being pictured from a different angle which makes it look a little weird, but it also helps to make the thievery look more suspicious.  The bunny looks diabolical which makes the overall picture cute.

I really like this picture because the puppy is adorable and small and sleepy, and it seems to be emerging from the towel.  With its one ear, cute eyes, and general adorableness, I really like this picture.

I have two puppies and wrote about them here, but I like this picture too.  The one on the left is just cute for itself, and the one on the right is like compressed in on itself.  It just makes you smile and long to say “puupppy.”  I love their adorable tongues too.

Last one, although I needed to do a more specific search of “baby seals,” to get this picture, I think that it was worth it.  There’s nothing else to say except for “aaawwww.”

There’s plenty of other pictures out there.  There sure are a lot of cute animals :).



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