Living the Teenage Dream

September 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

According to my personal interpretation of the Lion King, we only see Simba as a teenager once in the movie, during Hakuna Matata when Simba, Timone and Pumba are walking across a log and Simba transitions from a cub, to a teenager, to an adult lion. Although we only seen a second of Simba as a teenager, a lot of assumptions can be made about his life during that time span. It is apparent that he grew up with Timone and Pumba, apart from his family and living without restrictions or responsibilities. This is somewhat of a reflection on teenage life as a whole, reflecting on the desires and aspirations of a stereotypical teenager. As teenagers, we spend a considerable amount of time away from our families, 10 hours per day at school and sports, numerous more hours locked up in our rooms doing homework, and then on the weekend, we spend even more time out with our friends. Personally, I know that at this point in my life, I try and avoid confrontations with my family as much as possible, knowing that the painful subject of college applications will surely come up within five minutes of the conversation. Even though Simba may not have to deal with applying to college, his teenage life is still spent avoiding his family for other reasons. Also, by escaping from his community, he avoided all the restrictions and responsibilities that normal teenagers must take on and instead, got to enjoy his teenage years without worries, through the idea of Hakuna Matata. However, despite living his teenage years in total independence from his family and pride, Simba still values the lessons he learned as a cub as shown through the scene where he, Timone and Pumba are gazing up at the stars and Simba recites Mufasa’s star theory. Simba also has not lost his sense of responsibility  and loyalty even though he was living apart from the pride as visible by him returning to the Pride Lands and battling Scar. So who knows, maybe if teenagers were allowed to live by the rules of Hakuna Matata, we would all end up doing the right thing?


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